dandy Diary

Design right-hand of Berlin's wildest blogger duo hijacking the fashion industry.

Two man facing the camera

Dandy Diary

Dandy Diary, the leading Ā man fashion blog in Germany.






2010 šŸ‘‰ 2016

Services IĀ provided

- Graphic design
- Web Dev

Helping friends

IĀ met David Roth in Berlin back in 2009, for some strange reasons we became very good friends. And started working together, helping him and Jakob (business partner) in their various strokes of genius.

Over the years IĀ helped Dandy Diary design and organize their history-setting parties in Berlin, disrupt Dolce e Gabbana catwalks, highlight child-labour practices by H&M, crafting the stupidest merch and, of course, designing and developing their blog read by the millions.

Dandy Diary Party bannersDandy Diary party entrancetwo men and an indian child two girl posing for Dandy DiaryDandy Diary underwear

Hello Web

Working with Dandy Diary was my door to entry in the world of web design. Back in 2014 IĀ designed their mobile experience to adjust to the "mobile trend". This was a great learning experience that taught me tons about designing for the web and working closely with developers.

Dandy Diary mobile design
Dandy Diary mobile design

...and is over!

After 15 years of leading Berlin's subculture Dandy Diary is now discontinued. All is left is a somewhat artistic penis video on the homepage.

Other projects

dandy diner logo with pigs face

Dandy Diner

~ Creative Director for the vegan fast food that took Berlin by storm and landed on BBC, Vice and Vogue.

Precious Plastic website UI
2015 šŸ‘‰ to date

Precious Plastic

~ Design Director for the go-to place on the web for creative plastic recycling used by tens of thousands around the world.

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