Launching one of the most sustainable lingerie companies out there.

lots of women wearing upcycled underwear

Anekdot Boutique

Anekdot Boutique produces upcycled underwear handmade in Berlin for thousands of women around the world.






2014 šŸ‘‰ 2015

Services IĀ provided

- Art Direction
- Strategy &Ā Identity

Anekdot Boutique, from zero to hero.

Back in 2015 I helped Sofie Andersson crystallise her dream and establish Anekdot Boutique. Fast forward 6 years, thousands of sold underwear and happy customers later we find Anekdot Boutique to be a reference for a sustainable, ethically made fashion. An inspiration for an entire industry.

A good start is half way to success.

IĀ helped dream, shape and kickstart Anekdot Boutique and took the project from an idea at an embryonal stage to life.

The initial ongoing dialogue helped to sculpt the most appropriate strategy to start the project in a lean and agile manner. Helping to be up and running in a short time to test out ideas and assumptions.

Anekdot website UIAnekdot website UIAnekdot packaging
Anekdot packaging

Strategic Directions

The new venture had to focus and capture a growing market of like-minded people in search for alternatives to the current consumptive, alienating, homogenizing, stylistically sterilizing buying options. Tapping into a market that focuses on quality & ethics without renounces, Anekdot Boutique wants to establish itself as a locally handcrafted venture to start the much needed cultural revolution.

a hand sketching

Beautifully normal

Anekdot Boutique stands for a renewed understanding of fashion and beauty. Human beings are accepted and liked for what they are with all their natural imperfections. This is reflected in the brandā€™s tone, photoshoots and communication in clear opposition to mainstream understanding of beauty.

women posing in underwearwoman posing in underwear with palms

Name the name

Choosing the name was a mission in itself with thousands of ideas, iterations, tests and let gos. Anekdot Boutique hints at a researched curiosity, unexpected surprise and personalized stories that connects to people, not consumers. Anekdot Boutique is about anecdotes, a pivotal creative force resisting mass produced mediocrity.


Once we individuated goals, ambitions and target audiences we begun working on the identity. For Anekdot Boutique IĀ have crafted a scandinavian inspired logo and visual identity to reflect confidence and pureness.

Endorsing the Scandinavian origins of Anekdot Boutique we crafted an elegant and sober logo that coveys confidence and mindful innovation. Given a somehow novel and innovative business model that dives into uncharted fields of design and culture (to which society might be initially skeptic about) we had to be very cautious with the visual language adopted.


And finally IĀ begun sculpting the UX,Ā UI and copywriting of the website to cater an innovative but somewhat controversial product (upcycled panties) to a demanding market. A tongue in cheek, friendly yet professional website helped to convey the strong and positive energy of a brand ready to challenge the polluting status quo.

Whilst developing the website the main focus was simplicity, elegance, ease of use and an innovative visual language that could be smoothly enjoyed by both young digital natives and more mature women.

We decided not to focus excessively on the productā€™s ethical aspect but rather its embedded stories and originality. The buying process is easy and straightforward being built on established design patterns to make the user feel in power at any given time. People can dive into the moods to discover latest collections and photoshoots.

Anekdot website UIAnekdot website UI


The packaging we created is simple and sober, blending seamlessly with the rest of the branding and digital experience. We avoided too much earthy, eco-feel to maintain a top-notch experience for buyers. At the same time, we chose the most lightweight option to limit distribution fuel wastage.

Anekdot packaging
Anekdot packagingAnekdot packaging

Reaching maturity

Anekdot Boutique is now in its 6th year of existence, well surpassing the startup stage with great success. Whereas IĀ am not engaged with Anekdot Boutique any further, the project is well on its feet and IĀ am proud to have helped to kick it off successfully. Small, quality, handcrafted businesses - that's what the world needs.

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